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Who we are.

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Odessa, Ukraine is the starting location for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. Valentin and Tatyana Sviontek joined Dr. Wayne and Bonnie Wilks to leave Shady Grove Church in 1996 to move to Ukraine and found the MJBI. Valentin and Tayana were both raised under Communism in the Soviet Union. Coming from Jewish families, Val and Tatyana professed faith in Yeshua in their teens, and met at a youth camp for believers shortly thereafter. The camp was located in the very city that MJBI would be hosted outside of Odessa in 1996!

After planting Or HaMashiach Messianic Congregation in 2003, Val and Tatyana continued to oversee MJBI’s flagship school in Ukraine. Today, the congregation has grown to over 400 weekly attendees, with the majority of them Jewish.

Odessa is a city with over 100,000 Jewish people today. Most of them have not met their Messiah, Yeshua. Through the MJBI training school and the congregation, Val and Tatyana are raising up leaders to see this Jewish community ministered to in Yeshua’s name.

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